The Terrain Gallery
of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

THE TERRAIN is the first gallery to show the inextricable relation between the technique of art and people’s lives. Since its opening in 1955 in New York City, the Terrain has presented exhibitions of contemporary paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs, with comment based on Eli Siegel’s historic Fifteen Questions, Is Beauty the Making One of Opposites? Among the artists exhibiting have been Will Barnet, Chaim Koppelman, Robert Blackburn, Stephen Poleskie, Ad Reinhardt, Andre Kertesz, Elfi Schuselka, William King, Richard Sloat.

We are renovating—look for our new exhibition in the fall of 2016!


Seurat, Study for La Grande Jatte, detail
“Art as, Yes, Humility” by Eli Siegel is one of his series of essays titled Art As Real: Samples—having great descriptions of Seurat, Whistler, Leonardo da Vinci, Masaccio, and more. It begins: “Humility is the willingness to see things other than oneself as having meaning for oneself. This humility makes for pride; for pride, in the long run, comes from the comprehensive and accurate way one is affected by reality.” Read more


 The Municipal Engineers Journal prints “Grand Central Terminal: A Study of Beauty and Meaning” by John Stern. Senior planner (retired) with the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission & Aesthetic Realism consultant John Stern writes, for instance: “In Grand Central the personalities of tens of thousands of individuals mingle every day with the impersonality of geometry and space.” Read more

Chaim Koppelman c. 1942 abstract, gift to Guggenheim


 “Thinking about the 1940s, Hilla Rebay and the Guggenheim” by Dorothy Koppelman, artist and founding director of the Terrain, on important occurrences in American art & the history of Aesthetic Realism. Read more