"In reality opposites are one; art shows this." —Eli Siegel



1955 IS BEAUTY THE MAKING ONE OF OPPOSITES? Fifteen Questions by Eli Siegel published in opening announcement/ INTERSECTION '55 11 artists incl. Paul Mommer, Larry Rivers, Leonard Baskin, Peter Grippe/ LIGHT & DARK photographs, prints, paintings incl. Malcolm Anderson, Robert Conover, Sid Hurwitz/ 1956 CHAIM KOPPELMAN one-man show/ ABSTRACT / CONCRETE 18 artists incl. Ad Reinhardt, George Tooker, Rolph Scarlett/ TENSION & SYMMETRY / 1957 BLACK & WHITE 20 artists/ PERSONAL / IMPERSONAL 18 artists/ 1958 DESIGN INTO EMOTION Gerson Leiber, Chaim Koppelman, Vincent Longo/ ART AS LIFE First publication & discussion/ PERSON: THING: FORM 23 artists/ THREE PERSONS: THREE ELEMENTS / SEEING & BEING 16 artists/ ARE THE QUESTIONS OF ART THOSE OF LIFE? Discussions/ MEANING IN IMMEDIACY 23 artists/ 1959 ABSTRACTION IN SELF / THE SHAPING MIND: SCULPTURE 33 sculptors incl. Lee Bontecou, William King, George Sugarman/ PERSONAL & IMPERSONAL poems & drawings, prints, watercolors, oils, collages celebrating book Personal & Impersonal/ SIX AESTHETIC REALIST POETS: reading/ THE LIVELY OPPOSITES a discussion of the Siegel Theory of Opposites/ 1960 RADIANT HIDDEN paintings, prints, drawings/ THE SLIM WELTANSCHAUUNG ; or, THE SPIRIT OF SPRING, 1960 21 artists/ THE REAL SHOW 5 year restatement of Gallery principles with artists' comments/ 1961 DEFINITION IS WONDER prints incl. Will Barnet, Harold Krisel, John von Wicht, R.C. Ziemann/ COLOR STATEMENT: NAT HERZ / 1962 VISION & DIVISION: A SHOWDOWN EXHIBITION "13 Most Important Questions for Artists to Engage"/ LOUIS DIENES: PHOTOGRAPHS with his poem "Black and White"/ CHAIM & DOROTHY KOPPELMAN paintings & drawings/ 1963 I HAVE LEARNED THIS FROM AESTHETIC REALISM talk by Nancy Starrels/ 1964 THE QUARRELING ARTS: a CLASSY RETROSPECTIVE & ANTICIPATORY SHOW 23 artists/ ARNOLD SCHMIDT: OPTICAL PAINTINGS / ARTICULATE SURFACE drawings by 48 artists/ A TIME FOR ETHICS AND BEAUTY signed by 50 people/ AESTHETIC REALISM PHOTOGRAPHERS BULLETIN #1 / 1965 THE VISUAL SELF 6 artists/ ABOVE & BELOW all silkscreen show, 72 artists/ PAINTINGS BY RICHARD BERNSTEIN pop art/ HAROLD KRISEL prints/ SURFACE TO BEGIN WITH 31 artists incl. Allan D'Arcangelo, Elaine de Kooning, Jim Dine, Roy Lichtenstein/ 1967 ALL ART IS FOR LIFE & AGAINST THE WAR IN VIETNAM benefit to aid napalmed burned children,100 artists/ AFTERNOON REGARD FOR PHOTOGRAPHY Bulletin #2/ 1969 DOROTHY & CHAIM KOPPELMAN paintings, drawings, prints/ THIS IS THE WAY I SEE AESTHETIC REALISM by Chaim Koppelman, artist's book/ 1970 YOU & I SEE Aesthetic Realism Photographers/ JAMES MELLON: LARGE PASTELS / 1971 THE KINDEST ART exhibition with comment by 3 Aesthetic Realism Consultants/ 1972   THE INTIMATE AND THE DISTANT 18 artists/ DEPTH & SURFACE group exhibition/ BIG & SMALL: MINIATURES / 1973 CHUCK MAGISTRO: WHAT'S REAL silkscreen prints/ VISION BY SUSAN GARDNER new silkscreen prints/ THE ARTICULATE SURFACE: DRAWINGS 18 artists/ ABOVE, BELOW & ON THE LEVEL Astrid Fitzgerald, photographs; Carol Rosen, cast paper & collage/ 1974 THE OPPOSITES ON GREENE STREET Batlle, Cady, Jansen, Kepets, O'Donohue, Sacilotto/ GOOD & EVIL: AESTHETIC OPPOSITES group exhibition/ ART IS OPPOSITES talk by Dorothy Koppelman/ IRWIN FLEMINGER: DRAWINGS / THE GAIETY OF ART Cooper, Corrigan, Karwoski/ I THOUGHT I KNEW ART, BUT... talk by Marcia Rackow/ UNIVERSE & OBJECT group exhibition/ 1975 CONFLICT / CONTRAST / COMPOSITION Adler, De Mauro, Harris & Fogg/ SURFACE TO BEGIN WITH 6 artists/ Lee Adler paintings & prints/ 1976 THE PHILOSOPHY OF WATERCOLOR 18 artists/ ART AS CRITICISM   group show/ INTELLECT INTO EMOTION: DAVID NOVAK paintings & drawings and GEORGE STADNIK lumiagraphs/ 1977 ART ALL ALONG 22nd anniversary exhibition/ THE ARTS, THEY'RE HERE! 10 arts & the opposites: Poetry, Architecture, Music, Dance, Drama, Acting, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Cinema/ 1978 SELF & OBJECT / COLOR: SURFACE: DEPTH 13 artists/ 1979 ART AS KINDNESS 9 artists/ THE HONORING EYE & THE ART OF DRAWING photographs & drawings from classes of Nancy Starrels & Chaim Koppelman/ THE OPPOSITES MAKE NEW YORK BEAUTIFUL 14 artists & poets/ 1980 IS BEAUTY THE MAKING ONE OF OPPOSITES?-PHOTOGRAPHY 51 photographers/ 1981 SAMENESS & DIFFERENCE: A STUDY paintings, photographs, prints, 5 artists/ IMAGINATION, REALITY & AESTHETICS 6 artists/ 1982 WOMAN, SELF, ARTIST   8 women artists/ OBJECT / UNIVERSE Folchi, Johnson, Nardo/ DRAWING: LINE / SHAPE / MEANING 17 artists/ BIG & SMALL 10th annual miniatures show/ 1983 "EARTH, WHAT IT HAS IN IT!" landscape paintings, 16 artists/ COUPLES: CLOSENESS & CLASH IN ART AND LIFE 12 artists/ ALL ART IS FOR LIFE & AGAINST INJUSTICE TO CENTRAL AMERICA group show/ CHAIM KOPPELMAN: PASTELS / 1984 CONTINUITY & DISCONTINUITY Edelman, Levant/ ANIMATE & INANIMATE 13 artists/ ART ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS OF YOUR LIFE! Saturday talks begin/ ARCHITECTURE: MATTER & SPACE / 1985 NANCY STARRELS: PHOTOGRAPHER / 1986 AESTHETIC REALISM & THE ART OF THE WORLD / 1999 THREE PHOTOGRAPHERS: David Bernstein, Len Bernstein, Louis Dienes/ 2001 THE OPPOSITES 2001: THE PRINT 15 printmakers, incl. Anuszkiewicz, Blackburn, Sloat, Solman/ THE SURPRISING & ABIDING OPPOSITES 12 artists/ 2004 LASTING IMPRESSIONS Opposites in the Art of the Print, 12 artists/ 2005 SURFACE & DEPTH: WORKS ON PAPER


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