EMOTION—in BLACK & WHITE and COLOR: 15 PHOTOGRAPERS at the Terrain Gallery   [ to return click here ]


Doug Cox , Big Horn Rams at Sunrise



When photographing wildlife I strive to show not only the beauty or characteristics of the animals but also their relationship to their natural home.  I am amazed at the beauty that the great Creator of this world has set upon this earth and the responsibility we have in appreciating and protecting it.

What you don't see and hear in this photograph are the bolts of ligtning and the deafening roar of thunder.  Like many photographs taken in the mountains you weigh the risks against getting that special photograph.  How badly do you want it? In a situation like this one there are many emotions running through your mind—fear, excitement, and the pure pleasure of getting an incredible moment on film. At the same time every primal urge is telling you to get the heck out of there as you feel the thunder roll through the ground and up your body





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