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"Sleeping Beauty" by Harvey Spears

Harvey Spears, Sleeping Beauty



Through my study of Aesthetic Realism I am fortunate to be learning how to see meaning in the world and to use the art of photography to have that meaning permanent. Every person, animal, event, object, has meaning, and I have found that this principle by Eli Siegel, "The world, art, and self explain each other, each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites," is like a roadmap to finding true meaning in everything.

When I first came upon my subject he (or she) was walking around his pen like any other hog. However as he entered his structure I was affected as this mostly round and smooth form entered this very angular and rough structure. I felt something wonderful was going to happen. It did.

As he turned around and found his position, he looked at me and then closed his eyes—mostly. I was affected to see his smooth round form was not only that. You could practically count the hairs on his body and face, which were delicate and also rough, with its nails, dirt, wood-grain and irregular geometry.Their colors also seemed to bring them closer as well with the silver and also warm grey in both.

I was affected by the geometry that was here—there were graceful curves, and definite angles, the square that framed his body, the triangles of his ears which were diagonally anchored to a nail that one of his ears almost touched. The more I looked at him the more I saw he was in a beautiful relation, through form, to his surroundings, and the more I had deep warm feelings for this being. I came to really love him. 



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