This Great, Diverse City: How Should We See It?

Dan McClung

I fell in love with New York City during my first visit here from the Midwest. I loved the motion, the activity, the newness and immediacy. I was also in awe as I learned more of the history and enduring meaning of the city. In What of New York and Poetry? Eli Siegel describes what I felt then and feel now, when he said of New York, "There are twirls and manifestations; surprises within the absolute."

As I photograph in and around the city, it is always, I have learned, the opposites in reality—as Aesthetic Realism describes them—in objects, a situation, or a street scene that are affecting me. Knowing this has made me a more careful and thoughtful observer. I am grateful as photographer and person for that. And I have seen that when the opposites come together as one in a composition, it makes for a successful photograph.



Broadway & Houston, Manhattan

20.5 x 10.5 in.

$375 - framed
$295 - unframed

Dan McClung

Does a row of colorful newspaper bins—covered in a unifying blanket of white—on bustling Houston Street, in a swirling snow storm, show something of the "quiet and tumult"—we meet every day in this great city?

Ellis Island Portrait

Liberty Island

10 x 15 in.

$350 - framed
$275 - unframed

Dan McClung

Doesn't a common, yet dignified seagull "posing" proudly on a Liberty Island railing, with historic and meaningful Ellis Island in the distance, give us a glimpse of the "profundities and mischief" of New York City?
Diner Delights

Lower East Side, Manhattan

10 x 15 in.

$355 - framed
$275 - unframed
Dan McClung

Yellow Flower,
Red Dress

Brooklyn Bridge Park

6.5 x 10 in.

$250 - framed
$200 - unframed

Dan McClung


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