This Great, Diverse City: How Should We See It?

Michelle Rick

Yes, Please

Broadway & Houston, Manhattan

16.75 x 16 in.

$550 - framed
$400 - unframed

Michelle Rick
Smoke Break, Stoop

Houston Street, Manhattan

28 x 16 in.

$700 - framed
$550 - unframed
Michelle Rick

Cool and Warm: "What I wanted to do, " Edward Hopper said, "was to paint sunlight on the side of a house." What I wanted to do with "Smoke Break, Stoop," was to take a picture of a young woman at the height of Summer, a woman with an ease and comfort in her skin, both cool and warm like the tones that color the portrait. Months later, while snowstorms rage outside, I'm drawn repeatedly to one place in the image: the few bare inches of skin on the tops of her feet. Her earthy sensuality prevails over Madame X's brassy magenta window frame, to remind us that no matter how deep the snow, soon we will feel the sun on the tops of our feet again.

I Tre Merli (interior)

West Broadway, Manhattan

16 x 21 in.

$600 - framed
$450 - unframed

Michelle Rick

32 x 18 in.

$700 - framed
$550 - unframed
Michelle Rick

The Mundane and the Sublime (for my mother and father): The golden hour, East 30's, a cool November sun shining so bright it nearly obscures my view of a water tank that towers over what I've been told may once have been Ravi Shankar's gated home. But the exotic, almost palatial house doesn't hold my interest. What, but a water tank (at this time of day, in this light) could approach manna from heaven for a New Yorker?

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