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Amy Dienes, The House on Tupelo Street



Beginning in 2004 I began to travel to New Orleans.  I become entranced with the Spanish architecture of the French Quarter, the majestic houses with columns and porticos on tree lined streets, its history, beignets, graveyards, and I continued to photograph and get to know the different aspects of this historic and unique city, exploring and re-exploring.  Then Katrina hit!  Like all Americans, I was greatly affected by the devastation. I felt a friend had been hurt. I was impelled to try to give some form to the shocking disorder with my camera.

The "House on Tupelo Street," one side tilted up at a jaunty angle, sits amidst broken walls, gates, a tree, a puddle, its missing wall allowing us to peer into the rooms strewn with debris.  A closet open to the street reveals garments hanging neatly in a row.  In the aftermath of the hurricane's wild destructiveness, wispy clouds look down from a blue sky as the ruined house and trees are kept company by a patch of green grass.



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