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"Street Angel" by Vincent DiPietro

Vincent DiPietro, Street Angel

"All art," stated Eli Siegel, "is a looking for that which can cause emotion.: I've seen this is true as I walk about the streets of New York City.  Each time, I find many, many subjects I have emotions about.  This is so different from once, when I would walk around oblivious to things.

The photograph titled Street Angel was taken while i was about to cross 2nd Avenue.  As I looked down, I saw this refuse shaped a little like a classical Greek statue.  A street sweeper was coming along, about to sweep it away.  I wanted to preserve the form that I saw.  It was a s if this object were saying, "I may be refuse, but I'm a victory for reality as form and shape and therefore can make for an emotion."  — VDP 



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