This Great, Diverse City: How Should We See It?

Juan Bernal

Fire Hydrant and Colored Reflections

5th Avenue &
52nd Street, Manhattan

40 x 30 in.

$2,250 - face mounted in acrylic
$1,250 - unframed

Fire hydrants are integral parts of the urban landscape, sometimes unnoticed, but they are all over the city, every block. I was excited when I saw the beautiful effect of the colored reflections dressing this fire hydrant.  Maybe it is the artist’s duty to seek for hidden beauty in everyday simple things. Most of the time we are so busy doing the “urgent” that we don’t have time for the “important.”

I had felt the secret of an image was the contrasts in it. But it was very intuitive. Since I came to know Eli Siegel’s philosophy, my ideas have become more clear, more conscious and stronger, with more structure. Aesthetic Realism gave my intuitions more foundation.

Pigeon and Reflections (Empire State)

2nd Avenue &
33rd Street, Manhattan

19 x 13 in.

$380 - framed in wood
$320 - unframed
Juan Bernal "Pigeons and Reflections"

The pigeon, a real New York native, is walking on the puddle as if he feels proud of his city and the Empire State Building’s reflections. The yellow light gives a warning for pedestrians to cross the street and the bird is acting as if he were the guardian of the crosswalk.

Pigeons and Reflections

5th Avenue &
42nd Street, Manhattan

13 x 19 in.

$380 - framed in wood
$320 - unframed
Juan Bernal "Pigeon and Reflection"

An instant of light reflected on the puddle where the pigeons’ and the trees’ reflections make a huge contrast with the hard surface of the sidewalk—the reflections showing life and movement.  It is like discovering a universe within the universe—a totally opposite dimension.


Balloons by
Port Authority

8th Avenue &
41st Street, Manhattan

13 x 19 in.

$380 - framed in wood
$320 - unframed

What inspired me to take this picture was the way light strikes the balloons, showing the bright colors and transparency creating different hues as they superimpose, and the coincidence of the shapes and colors of the subway symbols and the balloons, having opposite routes: the subway’s underground and the balloons in the air.

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