“​​A River Boat Captain’s View—From the Lower East Side to Lambertville”: The Photographs of Allan Michael, former Captain on NY’s Circle Line, at the Caffe Galleria in Lambertville, NJ, through Nov. 10, 2015.

Photo by Allan Michael, "Welcome to Lambertville"

Allan Michael, “Welcome to Lambertville”

“Allan Michael’s life and art were both profoundly affected by this principle of Aesthetic Realism, stated by its founder Eli Siegel: ‘The world, art, and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites’…. Michael’s work has been exhibited at the Terrain Gallery, NYC; the Firehouse Gallery, and the Craven Gallery’s “Emerging African-American Artists” in Martha’s Vineyard….His work was part of the traveling art exhibition visiting progressive colleges and universities, entitled, ‘Art Against Apartheid’….Michael continues his study of art and photography in the monthly Critical Inquiry Workshop taught by painter and art critic, Dorothy Koppelman…” —

Photo by Allan Michael, "Daniel's dairy and beef cows"

Allan Michael, “Daniel’s Dairy and Beef Cows”


Harvey Spears, “Humility & Pride”

Harvey Spears Wins Bruce Crane Memorial Award at Salmagundi Club: On August 7, 2015, photographer & Aesthetic Realism Associate Harvey Spears spoke to an audience of about 300 artists and others as he received the award for his photo “Humility & Pride”: “I’m very grateful for my Aesthetic Realism education and teacher Eli Siegel, which made it possible for me to learn a true way of seeing art and life. The basis of my work is in this principle by Mr. Siegel, All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves. I was able to see meaning in this building that was being torn down—yet had a kind of dignity, and was in relation to the whole world.”


Brooklyn Bridge & Flag

Dan McClung Exhibits at Benson’s NYC
Jul. 8 — Aug. 4, 2015, seventeen images of New York City. “In reality opposites are one; art shows this. –Eli SiegelThis principle of Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by poet and educator, Eli Siegel, is the basis of my work….As I photograph in and around the city; as I frame a subject in the viewfinder, deciding what to omit and what to include, how close to get, or what angle may be best, I am consciously aware of the opposites—how light and shadow reveal emotion in a face, how closeness and distance are in a landscape, and I am always thrilled at seeing the mystery and surprise in any object, no matter how ordinary it may seem.” —from the photographer’s statement at Benson’s NYC, a Craft Beer Pub & Restaurant, 181 Essex Street just below Houston.

C.Koppelman_NapoleonEnteringBrB (2)

“Napoleon Entering Brighton Beach”

Napoleon Comes to Brooklyn by Chaim Koppelman: June 12—Sept 21, 2014 the Brooklyn Central Library exhibited in its foyer many works by the noted Brooklyn-born artist Chaim Koppelman (1920-2009). And on September 17, “Napoleon Accompanied: The Art of Chaim Koppelman,” was presented there: important writings by the artist, who was an early student with Eli Siegel, and on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Fdn. & the School of Visual Arts; a video of one of his talks; a critical appreciation by art educator Marcia Rackow; & discussion by speakers Dorothy Koppelman, Carrie Wilson, & Dale Laurin, Terrain Gallery coordinators.

Chaim Koppelman at Brooklyn Library

“Over Brooklyn”

Chaim Koppelman at Brooklyn Public Library

Chaim Koppelman at Brooklyn Public Library

"Golden Sky" by David M. Bernstein

David M. Bernstein


♦ 16th Annual Online International Art Exhibition, Upstream People Gallery shows an oil pastel & watercolor by David M. Bernstein, Aesthetic Realism Associate, a noted photographer who’s exhibited & given talks at the Terrain Gallery.



♦ The Potential for American Art and Culture in Transcending Cultural BarriersPhotographer and Aesthetic Realism Associate Len Bernstein gave a keynote speech at the 2014 UN Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy. Below are some of the photographs he discussed:

Jacob Riis, Bandits Roost

Jacob Riis

Len Bernstein, "We Share a Dream" photo

Len Bernstein

Len Bernstein, People on park bench in snow

Len Bernstein

Edward Weston, Mountains and ocean

Edward Weston

Talks at Athens Institute for Education and Research
Annual Conference on Architecture, Athens, Greece, June 2013: “Le Corbusier & the Debate in People between Coolness & Warmth” by Dale Laurin, R.A., Aesthetic Realism Consultant & “Jane JacobsThe Fight in Every Person between Knowing & Managing” by City Planner Barbara Buehler, Aesthetic Realism Associate. (Click here for flyer)

 Napoleon Entering New York: Chaim Koppelman & the Emperor
Exhibition at the Museo Napoleonico, Roma, Oct. 13, 2011 – May 6, 2012

Chaim Koppelman's great pastel of Napoleon "confronting his opposite." Titled "Meeting," this was the premier work at the Museo Napoleonico exhibition in Rome, "Napoleon Entering New York."

Chaim Koppelman, “Meeting”

Prints, pastels, paintings, drawings
The works in this exhibition comprise an entirely new way of seeing Napoleon Bonaparte. Koppelman’s fascination began “when I drew a profile of him in my geography book, when I was nine years old.” But the young artist did not understand his feeling until in the 1940s, he began to study the philosophy Aesthetic Realism with its founder, poet and critic Eli Siegel. Chaim Koppelman was a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts, president of the Society of American Graphic Artists, taught at NYU and SUNY New Paltz, founded the Printmaking Division at the School of Visual Arts and taught there for 48 years, and from 1973 to 2009 was on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in NYC. – from the exhibition catalog & brochure

Exhibition review in Corriere della Sera
For more information about Chaim Koppelman, see the 2010 Memorial Exhibition announcement, and visit


GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL: A STUDY OF BEAUTY & MEANING by John Stern, Senior planner (retired) with the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission & Aesthetic Realism consultant, in The Municipal Engineers Journal. 

♦ LIGHT & DARK, HIDING & SHOWING IN JOSEPH MALLORD WILLIAM TURNER by Dorothy Koppelman printed in the ASCA Newsletter Winter-Spring 2015. 

  LEN BERNSTEIN: PHOTOGRAPHY BEYOND THE SURFACE – Full page article in the Sullivan County Democrat, January 31, 2014

♦   PHOTOGRAPHY, LIFE, and the OPPOSITES by Len BernsteinA Book Review by Harvey Spears, reprinted from Journal of the Print World, April 2013